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Here is an issue I've found on NAV2018 and BC Online:

1. On a customer card for customer TOM, the tax area is set to NONTAX

2. On ship to code A for the customer, the tax area is set to 92861

3. On the Shipping fast tab, I set the Ship To Code to 92861
4. I create a sales order for TOM.

5. The default ship to is set, but under the Invoicing fast tab and on the lines, the tax area = NONTAX

This seems like a bug to me. The tax information should be coming from the ship to.

If I set the Ship To Code to DEFAULT (Sell to Address) than back to Alternative and pick 92861, the tax area is correctly updated.

Please advise if anyone as come across this.




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    The standard BC code, called from the Ship-to Code validation, sets the Tax Area code like you are saying, from the Ship-to record. There is also a function, called from the Bill-to Customer validation, that sets it to the one on the Customer card. The Bill-to customer is validated in a bunch of places.

    What you need to do is debug the process and follow where it all happens. It could be as easy as making sure that you populate fields in a certain order.
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