BC14 Upgrade til BC16

ErikAaesErikAaes Member Posts: 14
Hi all

Im looking for a guide for upgrading BC14 to BC16.
I tried to use the BC15 guide, but without success.

Anyone who knows howto or the guide?

Best Regards


  • kylehardinkylehardin Member Posts: 257
    The steps for going to BC16 are identical to those for going from 14 to 15. But I do not know if you have to go to 15 before you can go to 16. Where did the process fail?
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  • ErikAaesErikAaes Member Posts: 14
    Sorry for the unbelievable late response, stupid asking a question and never follow up...

    The problem is solved, the BC15 upgrade guide were enough, i just needed a restart of the service and the administrative shell, then it worked.
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