Implementing OAuth authentication using OAuth 2.0 standard features from Business Central SaaS

andrewtandrewt Member Posts: 73
Hello everybody,

I am currently trying to integrate a 3rd party service into Business Central SaaS and I am forced to use OAuth 2.0 authentication for that.
I see there's some stuff already available through the base application, for instance table/page "OAuth 2.0 Setup" and codeunit "OAuth 2.0 Mgt.".
Basically this does look very friendly, but unfortunatelly I cannot find any documentation for this part of the application. Also, the OAuth Setup doesn't seem to be accessible through the UI of BC so I am wondering about how to start working with it and configuring parameters like client id, client secret etc.

Does anyone have any experience with it already and/or knows where to find information about how to get started here?

Many thanks in advance


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