Wave 2 Upgrade from BC Spring - Obsolete tables

martinjordtmartinjordt Member Posts: 18
Hi all

Same as Ahmed described in an other post, I'm trying to upgrade a BC14 Cronus database to BC15.

I'm faced with a slightly different problem than him though. In my case I'm upgrading from BC14 CU6 to BC15 CU4

I have followed the upgrade guide all the way to Task 8, Step 4 - Synchronizing with the Base Application extension.

What I didn't think of, was that I should have verified that I didn't have any obsolete tables in my database - before I started the upgrade process. I forgot this because the guide didn't mention anything about this I guess.

Anyway - Now the Sync-NAVApp command stops with the error so many have already described: Unsupported table change; Change:Remove. And the synchronisation fails.

In my case the problem is with the old tables in the 700 range which would be the 'BA Db" objects, but it could be any obsolete table.
In Ahmed's topic he describes that came around his problems by simply deleting the tables, but for me that doesn't seem to be enough. I've deleted all the tables thru SQL directly, and yes I've deleted the tables for all the companies, but I still get the same error.


Have anyone here found a way around the problem regarding obsolete tables in the database - other than to restore your backup, and start all over again :#



  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 362
    Hi @martinjordt
    I have done a converting to BC15 CU4 a couple of days a ago.
    I had a similarly problem, my problem was that a table was present with a ID in the Microsoft range and that table was not in the new Base application, my solution was to go back to BC14CU1 and delete the table in C/Side with force, and after that I could run the upgrade without any errors.

    Perhaps this can help you :smile:
    For help, do not use PM, but use forum instead, perhaps other people have the same question, or better answers.
  • martinjordtmartinjordt Member Posts: 18
    Hi @SanderDk
    Yes I could do that, but I would like to reserve that as a last resort. I know right now it's just a Cronus database, but I would rather like to know if there is a possibility to salvage the operation without starting all over for the day I'm upgrading a mother of a customer solution :smiley:
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