Filter for Currencies in Currency Exchange Rate Service

airamairam Member Posts: 81
hi, is there a way to run the Currency Exchange Rate Service for one Currency only please? I don't want to update all the currencies in the Currency table, just one :)



  • Genie_CetasGenie_Cetas Member Posts: 3
    edited 2020-04-02

    We could update the Exchange rate both through Job Queue or manual. For running through Job Queue, we will fill up the first start the WebService ==> provide the 'Service URL', from which the exchange rate should be imported ==> Select the Parent Node from the Webservice Source ==> Select the Currency code field from the Webservice Source ==> Provide the exact Currency Code in the 'Default Value field, after selecting the Currency Element from the Source ==> Preview the same from 'Preview' tab in the Currency Exchange Rate Service page. You shall Save, if the preview is as per your request. Hope this helps.

    Please find the Setup video for further reference -

    CETAS Genie
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