BC14 Web Client Download file to spec. Location without dialog box

cesabocesabo Member Posts: 20
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Hello all,

I'm wondering how to download a .xlsx file from Web Client to a specific local filepath ?
Please note that I’m using Web Client(BC14).

ServerFile = ‘C:\ServerTempFolder\test.xlsx’
LocalClientFile = ‘C:\ClientTempFolder\test.xlsx’ //<--- i wont to download the ServerFile here (just an example)

How can I download that server file, back to my local computer without any dialogs ?

Any idea ?


  • cesabocesabo Member Posts: 20
    Does anyone know if it's even possible to do it without dialog box ?

    *Update I'm using the DownloadHandler function from File Manager, but it's with dialog box. MagicPath doesn't help :(
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