Purchase Header - Field 'Receive' and 'Invoice'

TV_2015TV_2015 Member Posts: 5
The table 'Purchase Header' has a field named 'Receive' and a field named 'Invoice'. These are both booleans. When an order is received nor invoiced both are obviously 0. When an order is received but not invoiced 'Receive' is set to 1 and 'Invoice' is set to 1. When an order is both received and invoiced both are 1.

I now found a few records in my database where 'Receive' is equal to 0 and 'Invoice' is equal to 1, which should not be possible (I think). When I look at the underlying order lines there is no outstanding quantity or anything else out of the ordinary.

This is only the case for 11 rows out of more than 18.000. I have no idea why this happens. Does anybody have an idea?


  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,164
    It's a control field for the posting process, it does not mean anything when you look at the value related to the order. It does not mean what you say it means. They are system fields, nothing more.

    When you hit the post process, you can select Receive, Invoice, Receive and Invoice. Depending on your selection it then sets those fields, and those values are used in the posting process.

    Debug the posting process, you'll see what happens.
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