running two Currency Exch. Rate Services

airamairam Member Posts: 88
hi, I am stuck with setting up Currency Exchange Rate Services for Business Central. I have this scenario

Company :: Base Currency GBP
Currencies :: EUR | USD | RSD

I need the EUR currency to update from ECB feed; whilst the USD and RSD currencies to update from floatrates.com (as it's the only one I found offering a free xml feed). I created 2 Currency Exch. Rate Services - one reading from floatrates.com and one from ECB. I was hoping that I will be able to manipulate the service to transform the feed of EUR - GBP to update the EUR RoE by dividing 1 by the GBP value of ECB, but it seems I cannot?

Any help is much appreciated as local VAT Regulations require mandatory ECB rate when exchanging to/from EUR

Thanks in advance


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    airamairam Member Posts: 88
    anyone can share any ideas pls?
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