How to create a Date filter in a report and a page?

When you want to choose the date which you can obtain the data you want from a table through the Date filter,what can you do?


  • SaouchiSaouchi Member Posts: 4
    Hello there !!

    A bit late to the party but here goes .

    For that You need to use an existing field of your table , say "Posting Date" .

    That kept in mind , you would go to your dataset , say "FA Ledger Entry", then go to Properties on the top Menu or press Shift+F4 and then , you need to look for "ReqFilterFields".

    From there you can click on the dots button on the right of the line and find your field or just paste "Posting Date".

    Now it would be smoother if you revealed the table's name or your intent by this report , I may advise you on the matter ;)
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