We are having issues with printing speed on Dot Matrix Printers in Nav 2017

We are a Bakery, we sell bread and rolls. we deliver to sub shops, schools, pizza shops, etc. When we deliver, we use a 2 part form, the customer signs and keeps 1 part, the second part comes back to the office and is used for delivery confirmation and billing. We need the 2 part form, and therefore we need to still use dot matrix printers. We are upgrading from Nav 2009 to Nav 2017. The speed of printing in Nav 2009 works great no issues. The same report, now in Nav 2017 prints extremely slow. We are talking about printing 2000+ invoices a day, and takes about 1 hour using 3 printers in Nav2009. The same number of invoices printing in Nav2017 takes 4+ hours.


  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 565
    - remove borders from reports (especially vertical)
    - remove bitmaps from orders
    - try to play with fonts
  • dmcnulty33dmcnulty33 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding. Unfortunately I am not the developer, just the user. From what I understand, talking to the developers who are trying to implement this upgrade......we are trying to print invoices, in Nav2009, no font is chosen, and the printers are setup to use a high speed font from the printer by default. In Nav2017, they are telling me printing is different, They have to pick a font, and therefore when the invoices print, the high speed font has not been chosen, causing the printing to be slow.
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    Some printer drivers can map graphical windows fonts to printer fonts. If yours can, that's the easiest approach.

    On a different approach, Windows used to be able to support printer fonts. I don't know, if this is still the case, and if it is, if reporting services is able to use it (in the past, it didn't support them, but I don't know the current state of affairs). If windows still supports this, but reporting services still does not, you might want to try to use a word layout instead of an RDLC layout.
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