How to increase the Unit Cost on finished goods

Hi all,

Is it possible to book invoices also on finished goods?

I mean, can we book invoices on production orders for instance so that the value (Unit Cost) of the finished goods gets increased?


11,055 kg of Lot No. XXXXX, were produced under Production Order YYY with total cost of USD 6.81/kg.

Any chance to add an Invoice to this Prod. Order?

Production cost: USD 6.81/kg

Analytical cost: EUR 230/11,055kg

Total Lot cost: USD 6.84/kg



  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 607
    Cost of finished goods depends on valuation method of current finished item. If the production order is still released, you can post a cooperation costs (by purchase invoice). Inventory adjustation can change finished goods costs due to final consumption and operation costs.
  • IvonaKIvonaK Member Posts: 106
    OK. Thanks for the info. The Production Order is already finished, now I figure out that I can use the Revaluation Journal to adjust the Unit Cost.

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