Pick Qty. is always 0 Upon Creating Warehouse Shipment

Hi All,
I'm Having trouble in creating a pick in my Current Warehouse shipment Document,
the Error I receive is "Nothing to Handle"

after check for several hours I noticed that the Pick Qty. in my Current Warehouse Shipment Document is 0. ( I don't know if this is the cause, but literally Speaking and based on my hunches, I think it is require to have a Pick Qty.)

and upon checking the Field of Pick Qty. in the Warehouse Shipment Line Table.
I found out that the value for Pick Qty. is referring to some filters

I want to know excatly what code unit or page or report does the handling in creating warehouse activity header and lines for the warehouse shipment.
because whenever i try to create new Sales Order then Create new Warehouse Shipment. It always happens that the Pick Qty. is 0.

I checked The Location and the Bin code from where my inventory is coming from. they all have Qty. there. but what happens is that when I create warehouse shipment the Pick Qty. is Always 0.

Hope someone can help me on this,
thanks in advance.
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