How to populate BLOB field in report

Hi all

Work description field was defined as BLOB type in purchase header table, how to populate the same in report.



  • txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 491

    I would recommend you to google about this (depends also on your version, how to design the layout etc) but as far as I recall a CALCFIELDS() for the BLOB field should do, if it´s an image what you stored into the BLOB.
  • sathishmadhavsathishmadhav Member Posts: 71

    Thanks for your reply. Indeed i google about it, however failed to apply code to populate work description in report. My work description BLOB field is in text format.
  • lubostlubost Member Posts: 607
    Transfer BLOB content into Text variable if it is text.
    You can use BigText type and then format BigText into simple Text
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