How to link newly created page to help NAV help topic.

Hi Member.

I have created new customized Page(for Instance 99009510) in Nav 2016 & related help file (T_3021.htm) for user to understand purpose of page. T_3021.htm is already link to ToC file.

i wants to automatically open T_3021.htm file when user click ? blue over new page that 99009510. As shown in below image.


Please any one can advise me how can i achieve this.

Thank you.


  • kenyokenyo Member Posts: 40
    i assume you're in the wrong subforum.
  • TallyHoTallyHo Member Posts: 383
    Anyone under 30 is most likely to consider the RTC something coming from the age of dinosaurs. This probably isn't the last mix up ;)
  • Hardikptl121Hardikptl121 Member Posts: 7
    kenyo wrote: »
    i assume you're in the wrong subforum.

    Yes image shown in above thread is just sample but same thing i want to achieve with my new customized page.
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    [Topic moved from 'NAV/Navision Classic Client' forum to 'NAV Three Tier' forum]

    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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