Named User Licence for Partner / Administrator

cbartlcbartl Member Posts: 2
Hi mibuso community,

could someone please explain me how you manage the user accounts for system administrators and Microsoft Partner access in BC with the named user modell?
As I understood the licencing guide, every physical person needs a separate licence now. So if my Microsoft Partner that supports our BC has a team of 5 support employees I need 5 separate licences for that purpose?? Also we have a team of 5 system administrators that support our NAV system (create users, change permissions, debug sessions, support user questions etc). Does that also mean we need 5 individual accounts for those (even if they maybe do not log in the system for the whole year? How do you handle this?

May i have to add, that we have about 20 separate NAV installations worldwide that we support with our 5 system andministrators, so if we upgrade them all to BC we would need 5 * 20 = 100 licences only for sysadmin.

Thank you for your help,

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  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 700
    Im seeing companies finding workarounds, like a shared user for partners and support.
    Bad practise, but the alternative is buying 100 licenses!
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  • cbartlcbartl Member Posts: 2
    Hi Juhl, thank you for your reply.
    I also believe that this is done by companies, but as I read the licence guide of MS this is not only bad practise, it is not legal at all. I do not understand how Microsoft is thinking this could work (without doing something illegal). They say every individuum needs an account which means if i have a big microsoft partner doing support for my installation this one would need 5-10 accounts for his employees. and maybe there is also a second microsoft partner involved (we for example have a global partner worldwide and in every country a local partner in addition). That would mean we would have to buy about 200 licences only for our BC Microsoft partners in addition to the 100 licences we would for our internal support. that means 300 * 90$ / month for users that are not really working value added in the systems?
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