Unapplying Customer Ledger Entries

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I am trying to unapply a Customer Ledger Entry in a company which has the Additional Reporting Currency populated. However, I am receiving an error "You cannot unapply the entry with the posting date %1, because the exchange rate for the additional reporting currency has been changed."

Basically there is a check in the code which checks the exchange rate for ACY on the application date vs the exchange rate in ACY on the un-application date and if they are different, NAV outputs an error.

Does anyone know the reason for such a check because I check from NAV 2009 to NAV 2018 and it has always been there? Also, why would NAV check this when the ACY is only used in the GL? When we are applying and un-applying Customer Ledger Entries, it does not affect the GL, right?

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    edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 89
    In case of a exchange rate diff, it will (or might) apply the general ledger.

    When all is in home currency, application indeed does never hit the GL, and when the exchange rate didn't change, it would neither. But when both entries were booked with different exchange rates, the difference will be booked on the exchange rate diff account from one of the posting groups.

    In theory, you would still be able to unapply, and revert the exchange rate difference booked earlier, but it seems that this is not implemented.

    If this is a one-time issue on a certain customer, you might want to work around it with some additional bookings. If this is a structural issue in your workflow, it might mean some customization code in your NAV application.
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