BC15 - more than 5 decimal places for a currency

BartikBartik Member Posts: 9
Hi guys,

we've come across a first large issue with the newest version of BC. I need to set a currency to operate with 8 decimal places (Bitcoin). So I did the usual trick with "General Ledger Setup"."Amount Decimal Places" and "General Ledger Setup"."Amount Rounding Precision" in code, which was successfully set to 2:8. Then I need to set the same value in the Currency record of BTC:


Problem is with a field Currency."Amount Decimal Places". In the standard code, it has a property DecimalPlaces set to 2:5:


And I am not able to change that property using an extension:


Does anyone have experience with this / idea how this can be changed? To be honest, I am struggling without RTC, everything takes longer than before. Version of BC is 15.2.

Thank you


  • SanderDkSanderDk Member Posts: 494
    What you do is:
    Change the visibility on the standard field of the page, then you add a new field with the decimal places you wish to create.
    That is the only way you can do it, without modifying the base app.
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  • BartikBartik Member Posts: 9
    Thanks for the comment. However since this field is heavily used through the application, it would mean to change the source of the rounding everywhere. I guess that is not an option.
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