Issue with filter groups when inserting new record

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Dear Community,

If certain filters are applied (e.g. by a view or a link) and the user creates a new record, then the fields affected by the filter are filled automatically. So far so good.

More specifically, the following case is at issue:
The user creates an extended text for an existing item. He opens the extended texts through the item card.
Because of the RunPageLink property the following filters apply:
Table Name=CONST(Item), No.=FIELD(No.)
If the user would create a new extended text now, the fields Table Name and No. would be prefilled.

In addition to that, a security filter is applied through the permission sets for that user:
Extended Text Header: Table Name=Item,No.=NL*

That means in total the following filters apply:

Although the filters for the field No. do not contradict each other, they are also not identical, which causes that when a new extended text is created, the field No. in the record is no longer filled and the extended text is therefore not assigned to the item (in this case NL1000005).

This problem has nothing specifically to do with the item or extended text table or security filter, but can always be reproduced when two different filter groups work.
Does anyone have an idea how to work around this, so that in this case the field No. is filled and the table relation works?

Best regards,
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