GRN reversal

NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 20
Is it possible to reverse a posted purchase receipt? The amount on the GRN differs from the posted purchase invoice.

Please assist.


  • TomekJotTomekJot Member Posts: 23
    Hi, you could use Undo option on posted purchase receipt level (unfortunately until the receipt was invoiced - then only credit memo can help).

    But what is the reason that you need to undo purchase receipt when value is different from purchase invoice. Purchase invoice value can be different and valuation of receipt is done correctly after posting.
  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 20
    Hello @TomekJot, thanks for the reply.

    We usually include the GRN for vendor payment so I need to correct the amount before I go ahead and pay the customer. I have found out that the undo option works only with the items not G/L.
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