How to calculate Sales from 'Item Ledger Entry' table

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Could somebody clarify how to calculate Sales starting from the 'Item Ledger Table' to e.g. provide proper Sales Amounts and Qty per Customer and Item for a period.
I could see that criteria could be as 'Entry Type' = 'Sale'. Would it be enough or I'd need to add e.g. the 'Source Type' = 'Customer'. How about the 'Document Type' as 'Sales Shipment', 'Sales Invoice', 'Sales Return', etc. - if it should be added too or a one criteria as 'Entry Type' = 'Sale' with SUM('Sales Amount (Actual)') could be enough and it would include everything needed as 'Sales Credit Memos', etc., to calculate Sales.

The Columns to link to other tables seems as should not be a problem as to Item it would be 'Item No.', 'Source No.' - Customer, 'Document No.' - 'Sales Invoice No.'

I would go with 'Sales Invoice Header' and '... Line' and 'Sales Cr. Memo Header' and '... Line' to get Sales but requirements are to go through 'Item Ledger Entries'.


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  • donitdonit Member Posts: 24
    I did take a look at FlowFields and it seems as the 'Entry Type' = 'Sale' criteria could be enough for Sales calculation. Otherwise, please advise.
  • donitdonit Member Posts: 24
    Thank you, ChuChu, for confirming it.
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