RapidStart field length limitation

mfhmfh The NetherlandsMember Posts: 22

I've added some text fields to table 27 Item that have a length of 2048, which is the maximum length allowed in BC14.
Now I want to process the fields in a RapidStart package. Unfortunately though, RapidStart is limited to the old field length of 250. During import, it simply truncates the input text.
In T8615 Config. Package Data, field 5 Value can simply be extended to 2048 though. But if you do that, it causes an error on import, saying that 'The length of the string must be less than or equal to 250 characters'.

It's probably checked in CU8614 or CU8617, but I'm not sure where and how to modify.
Anyone ideas how to skip this check on the 250 character limit?
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