Import Payrolls in Business Central

I have been trying to customize my input file to import into the General Journal.

The steps I have taken are:

1. Install the Ceridian Payroll extension.
2. Create a new “Data Exchange Definition”.
2.1. Configure the Reading / Writing field with the xmlport 1220 (Date Exchange Import Csv)
2.2. Create a new line definition.
2.3 Define Columns.
2.4 Configure Fields Mapping.
2.4.1 Table Id: in my case table 81.
3. Activate Payroll Import in “General Ledger Setup”
4. Import Payroll File: I select my personal file that matches the mapping previously configured.
Then I get an error in the import, after many hours trying I realized that my new file will not be counted and that the only file that is being taken into account is one by default that has the following form: (External account, Date, Amount and Description), any thoughts?

I have relied on this link to perform my step by step:
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