Can you remove a shortcut function on nav2016 sales orders?

instead of the standard copy and paste function across most of nav2016 when in 'Sales Orders' ctrl+c is doing a copy document and ctrl+v is opening the 'edit' sales item history.
Can these be removed so that the normal copy and paste works?


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 88
    in standard NAV, to copy a field you can use ctrl-v and ctrl-c, but to copy a *line* you should use ctrl+shft+c and ctrl+shft+v instead.

    When NAV is firing up options from the pull-down menu in your screen, you probably need to re-map these customized hotkeys to other key combinations.
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  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 984
    Hi donomibuso,

    Standard NAV 2016 does not do what you describe. So this must be due to customization or due to an extension (if that was a thing back then). Those modifications need to get changed in order to restore standard behavior.
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