Set filter for table lookup on Request Page

RoelofRoelof Member Posts: 377
I want to set a table filter for a lookup (or drilldown) on a table, like the Customer table, for a Request Page on a report.
I want to set filter: 'Customer Posting Group' so that only customers for that posting group will show up in my lookup.
I want to do the lookup for the Customer.'No.' field. The field is added to the ReqFilterFields on the Customer.DataItem of the report.
I have set the 'Customer Posting Group' filter in the Request Page.OnOpenPage trigger. But it has no impact.

I do know that the same can be achieved by adding a dedicated Customer No. field on the Request Page and add functionality to the field trigger(s) with a page call and settableview, etc.... but the problem there is that I can't set a range, since each time, after you have set the Cust.No for the 'Begin-range' and go back to the lookup page to find the next customer no. for the end-range (like 100..200), the first custno (Begin-range) dissappears. You wouldn't have that for doing a lookup from a field, defined in the ReqFilterFields.

Any idea if it's possible?

Roelof de Jonghttp://www.wye.com


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    lubostlubost Member Posts: 621
    1. OnOpenReport is your right trigger for setting filters
    2. You have to insert code in OnLookup trigger in Request page
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    RoelofRoelof Member Posts: 377
    Hi Lubost,
    Sorry, no, that is not the problem. I'm aware of these settings.
    The problem is the lookup. Even though the filters are defined (where ever you define it, like OnOpenReport trigger or through additional code in the OnLookup trigger on the Request Page, or different areas), it does not have impact on the lookup of the field, defined in the ReqFilter fields property of the DataItem. It is not taking any filters in consideration.
    Roelof de Jonghttp://www.wye.com
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