Auto selection of item from that lotNo,which has expiration date near during creating sales order.

ManiNavManiNav Posts: 69Member
Hi Everyone,

I am creating sales order, so i need to select in sales line item from the LotNo which will expire first[ie. which LotNo 'expiration date is near']. It should be automatic. How can i proceed this; whether i should try with codeunit or should create a button in sales order page.

eg. ItemNo LotNo Expiration-Date Quantity
100 lot1 7/2/2021 10
100 lot2 7/1/2021 20

So, if i am selecting in sales line, itemno:100, with quantity:15; then it should take automatic from lotno: lot2, which will expire first.
[if i need 25, then first it should take 20 quantity from lot2 and 5 quantity from lot1]

please guide me to proceed.

Thanks in advance,


  • SamLkaSamLka Posts: 1Member
    This required quite lot of code lines and you have to use item tracking line page to write the code. it is looks simple but you need to write some good coding lines together with some RND.
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