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So, I am trying to fix a report and keep running into a strange situation.

This report prints multiple Sales Order Confirmations from the Sales Order List.

On this report there is a textbox for a field of concatenated comments on the order.
The initial problem was if the textbox spanned more than a page, the header data was blank.
The header data was pulled directly from textboxes at the end of the tablix that makes up the body.

To fix this, I made the Set/Get functions and put the Set textbox at the beginning of the tablix and changed all the header fields to use GetData.
This seemed to work except in special cases.

The header data is now fine until an order takes up 2+ pages and there is only a few lines on the last page. If this is the case, the header data on the last page will show the data for the next order. The next order will then be fine(except the page number is now one off). Then the rest of the orders will be fine until this happens again.

Also, there is no pattern that I can see that would make the header data wrong on the last page. Most orders are fine, even with only one line of data on the last page.

Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Print Three Orders - S0000123 - S0000124 - S0000125

    Report Print:

    Order #S0000123
    Page 1: Header = S0000123
    Line data
    Page 2: Header = S0000123
    Line data

    Order #S0000124
    Page 1: Header = S0000124
    Line data
    Page 2: Header = S0000125 --- **Should still be S0000124
    1-3 Lines of data
    Rest of page is blank

    Order #S0000125
    Page 1: Header = S0000125
    Line Data
    Page 2: Header = S0000125
    Line Data
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