Deactivate Change Tracking on SQL server (Performance tuning)

MaWMaW Posts: 71Member
Have a customer with performance problems. They have a SQL consultant looking into SQL performance. He says that Change Tracking is activated on database, and that gives performance issues.
Can we deactivate Change Tracking on SQL database without problems for the running NAV 2018?
Are there any other areas to do performance tuning?



  • HaxiboyHaxiboy Posts: 8Member

    In Navision you can open the Change Log Setup.
    You can either activate/deactivate the whole logging process, but you can edit which tables to log.

    Or is this is the SQL server's builtin logging you speak of?

  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Posts: 913Member
    @MaW - Can you provide some more detail please?
  • MaWMaW Posts: 71Member
    It is the SQL servers built in logging I mean.
    I tried to turn it off, but got an error trying to save changes on a table. So I guess deactivating Change Log SQL server side is off the table.

    How to boost performance on NAV 2018, are there any rules of thumb to try if not looking into code at first?

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