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Is it safe to continue with normal business operations against the Navision server while date compressing obsolete data? I am looking at date compressing some older years in the near future and am trying to determine the risks. I plan to do this over a weekend while business is closed. However, we have 2 web fronts that both tie into Navision and they generate some minimal activity.
What's the verdict? Will the compression noticeably impact performance? (even for web store fronts that are tied in)?
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    The compressing will probably create lots of tablelocking on the entries and journal tables.

    If your webclients do not use these tables then there sould be no problem.

    Make sure to have a backup before compressing. You can never restore the lost entries.

    Please run test on a seperate database before compressing and let your users analyse the compressed data. Your solution center can always change the way the compressing is done in case of information loss.
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    Ok, that is what I suspected. We have a developer license so I can make any modifications to the compression report that we need. The fewer changes the better as far as I'm concerned. I've been tweaking the key that item ledger compression uses on our test server to see if I can't optimize the speed for what we plan to compress. I appreciate the feedback, and I'll deffinately have everything compressed on the test server first.
    thanks :D
    Thad Ryker
    I traded my sanity for a railgun :mrgreen:
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