getting error during sending mail through SMTP.

Hi Everyone,

i am sending mail through smtp in server, its working fine but when i am sending through local machine its showing error. like: the temporary file does not exist.
what should i do for temporary path so that from both server or local machine take the path from server only.

Thanks in advance,


  • ManiNavManiNav Posts: 69Member
    Hi Everyone,

    Still i am trying and did not find any solution for the above query, as I told above, am creating pdf file in server(using c/al code) and sending mail; so its working, but when i am trying in local machine not in server then its showing below error:


    its seems like from the error, pdf file is generating in server 'TEMP Path', thats why in local temp path its not getting.

    For this I am trying to put Server path directly(i mean hardcoded the path) during creating file; ie i want to use server path directly instead of TEMPORARYPATH, so that it will always call server path and will get file and send mail.[Because TEMPORARYPATH always will go for temp path for that machine]

    please guide me for the above query, it will be very useful for me.

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