can you filter table for closing entry?

navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 161
Hello! I am doing something which includes excluding all closing entries from GL Entry table. Can someone help me, please?


  • vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,100
    A closing date is sorted in between the date it is closing and the next day.
    It is not possible to exclude any arbitrary closing date with a filter expression. You must either choose your filter range in a way that does not include closing dates, or else filter out closing dates in code.
    At the end of your filter range you need to specify the date as closing date or else closing dates are excluded. E.g
    includes closing dates at the end of the year,
    does not.
    If you have any entries with closing dates in the middle of the year, then those entries are included with both filters.
  • navisionerinnavisionerin Member Posts: 161
    thank you @vaprog. is there a way to check the table whether or not closing entries exist?
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