Docker New-NavContainer using external SQL server

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Hi, I'm experimenting with NAVContainerHelper in Docker.

I'm getting a docker image running of any NAV/BC version build or cu now. That's nice!

But now I'm trying to get it running using a sql server instance and database outside of the container.
I just want to update the parameters in the NAV service to do that, and change the user of the NAV service
inside of the container to a domain user (DOMAIN\USER). The NAV service inside of the container should
be able to login to the database using Windows authorisation the same way I can get a NAV
service running on my docker host machine.

I've used the parameters in the New-NavCointainer to get it going, this isn't working. It doen't accept the
combination DOMAIN\USER. Only USER.
I can ping my sqlserver from inside of the cointainer, so I tried:

Invoke-ScriptInNavContainer -containerName BC-1400 -ScriptBlock{
Set-NAVServerConfiguration -KeyName DatabaseServer -ServerInstance NAV -KeyValue MYSERVER
Set-NAVServerConfiguration -KeyName databaseInstance -ServerInstance NAV -KeyValue MYINSTANCE
Set-NAVServerConfiguration -KeyName databaseName -ServerInstance NAV -KeyValue MYDATABASE
cmd /c sc config 'MicrosoftDynamicsNavServer$NAV' obj= DOMAIN\USER password= ABC123
Restart-NAVServerInstance -ServerInstance NAV

This isn't working at all, it doesn't accept the user/password.

I've googled for help, found some, but I'm not a network guy.
Can anybody explain how to solve this in an easy to grasp manner?
You'd be earning infinite gratitude.
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