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I modified a report named Simulation Order report.This report is used for displaying the details of Work Order. My client need some additional details in this report .they need to view all the bin details of each component item No under each work Order component Lines.
I modified the report and getting the correct result when i View by (Help>>About this report)
When i add this line into design view i am getting only one Bin row of each component item.(means not getting all rows of each Component of a particular Work Order).

User need to view this report in such a way that

first row : Work Order source no & Its details
Second row : Production Order & Prod Order Component details
Third Row :Component item's bin Details.
(If this component item has 3 bin contents ,the user need to view this 3 rows one after another)

i added this 3rd row in design mode after adding a group below the work order& its component details

When i run this Iam getting only first row of each Item's bin Contents.

How to show all the bin contents of each component one after other. Please help.
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