Posting a Purchase Order with Partial Items

NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
Good day,

I have processed the purchase order with number of items of which the vendor would come and supply half of them.

How do I receive these partial goods, in NAV, that I would later use the same purchase order to receive the rest?



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  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Thanks @azharsaeedkhan, this has been so helpful.
  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 81
    the same fields exist on the sales-side, if you partially ship a sales order, you can specify the quantity you ship with this shipment. You can *not* ship more then you specify in the field qty.

    For invoicing there is the field Qty. to Invoice, in case you receive partial invoices too.
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