"optimizing-sift-and-vsift" - 10 year ol article on dynamicsuser.net

jensthomsenjensthomsen Member Posts: 173
I stumbled over this interesting article by Jörg Stryk: https://dynamicsuser.net/nav/b/stryk/posts/optimizing-sift-and-vsift
It is (more than) 10 years old, but the question is: Is it still relevant? More precisely for Nav 2017 and onwards.


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 89
    I think this is more a SQL-related question then a NAV version question. The calculated fields are still not stored in the database, this was the case in the old character based Navision 3.56(a) in 1996, with an own database engine, and still in SQL. (SQL) queries can not query calculated fields, like the stock qty of an item or the balance of a customer. NAV is calculating these values "on the fly", but how they are technically stored, I do not know. In the character based version the sum was partly stored in the index tables, in order to avoid huge calculations when records got updated. This will still be there, up to some level.

    It is interesting to know these techniques, but for a "regular NAV programmer" these techniques happen under the hood, and you do not need to kow exactly how they work.
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