GETFILTERS but return description as well

finifini Member Posts: 17
I show the filters used on a report with a GETFILTERS variable. But next to the value of a filter I'd like to show it's description as well (eg. Item category code:0001 -> Item category code:0001 Standard products)


  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 89
    Get filter will only give you values that are filtered, if you would enter 001|003|008, then you get these three values with a pipe in between as a result. You want to show other fields from the connected filter values, that will require additional coding. Then you need to read the record, and from there display the value.
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  • PhoguePhogue Member Posts: 76
    You can call getfilter on the field item category code, use that to get the item category, and get the description that way.
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