NAV Development Environment

NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
Good morning,

I have just installed the NAV 2016 demo on a local machine. I want to access the Development Environment but I get the alert "You do not have permission to run 'Design, Codeunit, Basic' System. Contact your Administrator to have your permissions changed".

How do I go about to have this issue fixed?


  • Jan_VeenendaalJan_Veenendaal Member Posts: 206
    Two possible causes:
    1. Permission set issue. To solve this, make sure you have the SUPER permission set assigned to your user account.
    2. License issue. You need a license that includes developer permissions. Try changing to a different license. I think the demo license does not include developer licenses.
    Jan Veenendaal
  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Hello Jan,

    Thanks for your response. I think then it will be the license issue because I have the user setup with SUPER permission.
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