Update Amount Including VAT or Total Incl. Tax

Hello guys

I would like to know how they help me. I would like to change the Amount Including VAT, Outstanding Amount (LCY) field, well I explain. I have 3 fields that I added, and these fields must add the subtotal amount, although these 3 fields should not be taken into consideration for taxes.

Direct Unit Cost Excl. Tax = 1,696.75
Tax = 305.42
Total Invoice = 2,002.18 + Field 1 = 33.94 + Filed 2 = 169.68
Total Invoice New = 2,205.80


  • edoderooedoderoo Posts: 52Member
    In NAV there is no field for the tax amount, only the net amount and gross amount, the difference between the two is the tax amount. This is on line level.

    In reports or the posting code unit, there will be variables to buffer taxes, but not in the database tables.
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  • angelreynosogangelreynosog Posts: 4Member

    Thank you for your help, but what happens to me is that I want to add 3 additional values ​​to the total amount with tax. And that this new amount is the one owed by the provider. I show you a picture of the result.

  • edoderooedoderoo Posts: 52Member
    Aha, then I guess you best take a look at the code of the page that is showing the amounts. This code will have variables to total up the amounts, and then you need to add your "other taxes amount" to it.
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  • angelreynosogangelreynosog Posts: 4Member

    I think I could do what I need, if I know where the Amount Including VAT field is INSERT, do you have any idea where in the table it is that INSERT is done?
  • edoderooedoderoo Posts: 52Member
    The only place where VAT is inserted, is in the posting codeunit, when the VAT is posted onto the VAT account. In the order/invoice/etc lines there is not VAT, only the gross and net amounts.
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  • kmkaotkmkaot Posts: 239Member
    These are flowflields.
    You need to use Rec.calcifields(amount, amount include VAT);
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