Anyway to exclude existing PO's(Action Message : Change Qty) while running MRP MPS

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Dear All,

while running MRP /MPS ,anyway to exclude existing PO's. I will clear this by an example

Support a Purchase order is created for the item A with Quantity 100. that means A has outstanding PO Quantity =100

Manufacturing Policy of Item A is Make to Stock.

My customer needs the item A for 150 Quantity within the same time period

As already an open PO is existing for the item A for Quantity 100, extra needed quantity is only 50. I need to create a PO quantity for 50 only .

But now while running MRP/MPS ,system will suggest to 'Change Qty' for a Quantity of 150 instead of suggesting to create a new PO for the item A for the Quantity 50.

Anyway to set this.please help ..Please ..

Any customization needed. Is it complex. Any complex issues if i changed its code.

Please help.Pleas give a guidance.

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