when I upload a file, it should automatically get saved it in specific folder using web client

RakshithaRakshitha Member Posts: 12
Following code works but the file automatically save in downloads folder instead of the folder i have mentioned. Please Help!!
Filename:= FileManagement.BLOBImportWithFilter(tempblob,Text002,'','All Files (*.*)|*.*','*.*');


  • RakshithaRakshitha Member Posts: 12
    Hi experts! kindly help me with suggestions
  • RakshithaRakshitha Member Posts: 12
    edited 2019-12-24
    can anyone help me ?
  • PhoguePhogue Member Posts: 76
    I might be mistaken, but you cannot, while using AL only, download to a specific folder, other than the one specified in your Web Browser settings.
  • RakshithaRakshitha Member Posts: 12
    I am using Nav 2016 version. I need to create a sub directory of document no in order to save the save the attached file on specific folder
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