How to fix two invoices with one invoice number

NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
Hello All,

My NAV has created two invoices to two different customers, however these invoices has the same invoice number! One is already posted but the other one failed because the number has already been posted. How do I sort this out?

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  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Hello Edoderoo, thanks for your concern. I think it sounds well on reversing the invoice and reposting it for the new number. Could you please let me know on how to do this...? I am still learning the NAV environment...
  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Thank you sir, let me do this and will get back to you soon.
  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Hello Edoderoo, I have noticed that the invoices are very old and several invoices have already passed with the correct sequence of numbers from the erroneous ones. Do I need to go with the proposed solutions?
  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Hi Edoderoo, as you predicted in your earlier message we are now getting more of the problem in the mean time. I thought the issue was to do with the old invoices but now the problem is with new ones. More than one invoices are having repeated numbers.

    I am trying to see if the above solution would resolve the situation mean while could you suggest how to sort the invoices with repeated numbers so that I may be able to post them?
  • edoderooedoderoo Member Posts: 89
    In COD80, there is a piece of code to "reuse" the reserved invoice number. What I programmed before: add a check there, and get a new number if the reserved number is blank, *OR* if the reserved number does already exist as a posted invoice. You need to add a variable of type=REC 112, and check if you get do a checkPostedInvoice.GET("Last Posting No.").

    Right now I have no developer license (changed job, will come again soon). Else I could lookup the exact place in the code. But if you search in COD80 for "Last Posting No." you will find the place.
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  • NagaboonaNagaboona Member Posts: 33
    Thanks, I have left the office already so will implement this early in the morning tomorrow.
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