[NAV 2018, Standard] Customer Ledger Entry not allowed to Reverse in case of Realized Gain/ Loss

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Hello everyone,

I encountered the below error message in standard NAV 2018 (Version when I reversed a payment in page Customer Ledger Entry that there is realized Gain Loss.

<You can not reverse Cust. Ledger Entry No. 2844 because the entry has an associated Realized Gain/Loss entry.>

Further debug showing that NAV 2018 check & does not allow user to do reverse in this case. The code below is found in table 179 Reversal Entry


DtldCustLedgEntry.SETCURRENTKEY("Transaction No.","Customer No.","Entry Type");
DtldCustLedgEntry.SETRANGE("Transaction No.",CustLedgEntry."Transaction No.");
DtldCustLedgEntry.SETRANGE("Customer No.",CustLedgEntry."Customer No.");
DtldCustLedgEntry.SETFILTER("Entry Type",'%1|%2',
DtldCustLedgEntry."Entry Type"::"Realized Gain",DtldCustLedgEntry."Entry Type"::"Realized Loss");
ERROR(Text013,CustLedgEntry.TABLECAPTION,CustLedgEntry."Entry No.");

Can I ask why standard NAV 2018 does not allow user to reverse Cust. Ledger Entry where there is an associated Realized Gain/Loss entry? And what is the recommended workaround for business users in this case? Our business practice requires daily Exchange Rate updates, and Realized Gain/Loss is recorded as a nature of business & sometimes we need to reverse transactions, i.e wrong data input.

Great thanks in advance!
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