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TPReggieTPReggie Member Posts: 29
Hi all,

Popping this in here as I dont see a BC SaaS section, so apologies if it is wrong.

Question is around changing domains when having BC SaaS. I have been asked by someone considering getting BC SaaS whether they could purchase it now against their existing domain e.g. reggiescompany.com but are looking to change their primary domain in a few months time e.g. davidscompany.com

I know that BC subscription is enabled against the O365 details (which would be regiiescompany.com) but I am unsure as to what would happen with that domain change in a few months. I do not remember seeing anything in the admin center that would allow you to change all your BC SaaS connection strings and so on.

Can anyone point me to anything that explains how you would achieve this? Or is it something you would have to request Microsoft to do for you?

Looking forward to your thoughts.
Many thanks :)

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    TPReggieTPReggie Member Posts: 29
    Thank you Juhl, much appreciated. :)
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    KensukeKensuke Member Posts: 1
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    Interesting. I tried doing the same, but apparently I needed to redirect my domain and I was not very good with technical details ever in my life to start with! I was really glad to run into an article by 28msec.com on how to do it and the procedure was much easier. So now I will hopefully be able to have better speeds for my visitors on the new domain as the previous one took forever to load and I was losing prospects all the time. I didn't have to change my BC settings as well which was great.
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