Block Cost Update on Specific Items

I have a client on NAV2009, Classic Client with an average cost issue that won't stay fixed. We've obsoleted the Item and blocked it, but it is the parent from a very large BOM, and it keeps on recalculating wrong and we end up with 0 quantity in inventory worth upwards of a $100,000. At this point, I've revalued and done everything possible, so I want to block it from recalculating the cost. My "Cheap Fix" is to add a flag to the Items to indicate you no longer want it to update the cost, and when ACIE is run, first thing go through the flagged items and reset the "Cost is Adjusted" flag to "Yes" or checked, so the Item will be skipped when it runs. Again, we've blocked this Item and it is a Top level Item Only and will never be a component. I've worked with NAV 15 years now and believe we've done everything possible and don't think this will cause an issue. Occasionally, a component will be updated, but the client doesn't care if it doesn't adjust the Parent. After that rather long explanation, my question is

Does anyone see a problem with disallowing ACIE or the version of it that runs directly from the item for selected periods, to run on specific Items, assuming the scenario above? We will test of course, but it's pretty hard to test every scenario that could possibly happen.

Thanks in advance
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