How to get the Average Unit Cost of an item back to ZERO?


I have a situation which maybe you can help me with:

Costing Method: Average

In 2011, the user did created this item card and did a purchase of 2 units with a cost of EUR 120.00. In 2018 these items were still present in their stock and they decided to keep track of them and leave them in their stock but at 0 cost, so that they avoid any problems when they run the Phys. Inventory Journal.

In 2019, the user did a Negative adjustment of Quantity 2, with the same cost of EUR 120.00. Then, posted a Positive adjustment of Quantity 2, this time with Cost EUR 0.00. Although the entries are showing that Cost Amount should be 0, the Unit Cost of the item is now EUR 60.00. As a result when doing the stock take, and running the Phys. Inventory Journal, the cost is not 0.

Is there a way how I can get the Unit Cost of this item to 0, even if the Costing Method is Average?

Note: I tried to run also the Adjust Cost - Item Entries... and nothing changed. I tried using the Revaluation Journal and revalue the quality of 2, at 0.00 cost, but nothing.


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