Nav 2017 - polish characters disappears from 'Work Description' field on Sales Invoice

jensthomsenjensthomsen Member Posts: 173
edited 2019-12-11 in NAV Three Tier
If you type a word containing polish special characters like this 'garażem, infrastrukturą, techniczną, prokotołem' in the 'Work Description' on a sales invoice (page 43) - and re-opens the page, the text has transformed to 'garazem, infrastruktura, techniczna, prokotolem'? My version is Nav 2017 build 26891 and it's DK localized. If you type the same text in a ordinary field, there's no problem. I guess that the problem lies on table 99008535 'Tempblob' and the handling of streams...but the encodings should be correct??
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