IN Apps Analyzer for Dynamics 365 Business Central

About the solution

Innova presents IN Apps Analyzer, the solution that allows Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developers analyze the system extensions.

The add-on is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and it is certified by App Source, which guarantees that it meets the strictest quality standards required by Microsoft.

With this app, you can check which objects each extension of the system uses, see if you have free gaps to use and if you have informed the ranges of your extensions, you can also see what objects you have free.

In addition, with the "Check Ranges" tool, you can check if a range clashes with objects or ranges of other extensions.

How does IN Apps Analyzer work?

For a proper use of the IN Apps Analyzer solution, it is required to:

• Sign up to the Innova Online portal (Register)
• Download IN Apps Analyzer from AppSource completely for free.

Once the solution is installed in Business Central, in “my configuration” the profile of IN Apps Analyzer should be selected, as well as introducing the customer ID that is provided by the Innova Online portal once you have signed up.

For further information, do not hesitate to visit Innova’s webpage!.
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