Problems with CAL function calcdate

StefanZimmerStefanZimmer Member Posts: 9

we have the issue that since px. 5-10 weeks calcdate using "WD" for weekdays isn't working properly.

calcdate('<-1WD>',09122019D) you get the result Sunday 08.12.19 instead of Friday 06.12.19. :o

Before it worked well, but now I'm realy worried about our scheduling due to this error.
We are using an NAV 2009 / NAV 6.0 R2 (6.00.35467) the good old classic client B)

I know that this version is outdated, but we have to survive the next half year until goLive of our new erp system.

Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks Stefan


  • StefanZimmerStefanZimmer Member Posts: 9
    Problem solved, my expection was that TW skips saturday and sunday but it's more like addressing a dedicated weekday.
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