Update one table from another

xenonxenon Member Posts: 30
Hi all
This seems unbelievably basic but I just can't seem to figure it. I want to update a heap of vendor payment term codes from another table which I read in from Excel. My new table consists of just two columns: the Vendor No. and what I want their payment terms to be. So, for example, I might have an entry for Vendor ABC001 with Payment Terms of "60D" and I want to update the corresponding entry in the NAV Vendor table.

My query started like this:

update [Company$Vendor]

SET [Payment Terms Code] =

(select [Decided Terms Code] from [New Vendor Terms] NVT
inner join [Company$Vendor] VEN on NVT.[No#]=VEN.[No_]

Now I know why this doesn't work because my select is returning all of the values and I know I'm missing something that's staring me in the face!
How do I update just the entry with the value from my new table?



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