Business Central Benchmark

PJHaPJHa Member Posts: 5

I test the validation of accounting ledger under Business Central.
I have an accounting sheet with 200,000 lines.

I would like to optimize my installation and validate as quickly as possible the volume of information
With a standard nav installation the system validates the sheet in 20 minutes
The processors do not exceed 20% load and the ram does not exceed 10GB used.

Is it possible to do better ?
Can you guide me on the different directions to follow ?

Thank you

Server App
Business CentralWave 2
No specific
VM Azure 32 cores
128 GB of ram

SQL Server
VM Azure 32 cores
128 GB of ram
TempDB 8 files
Ram minmum 64go on the basic engine


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    RamaMRamaM Member Posts: 4
    You need proper performance logging tools for this. Contact SQL Mantra Tools guys and they can help on such bench mark with their performance tools. Visit www.sqlmantratools.com and raise it with them.
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