Technical Upgrade to BC15 possible with BC13 Objects?

LilithyanLilithyan Member Posts: 29
one of our customers had the brilliant Idea, that they want to do a technical upgrade to BC15. And while they have a BC14.5 Client, the objects in the database are actually BC13!
Is it actually possible to do a technical upgrade with that constellation?
I'm beginning to believe not since while trying it, I'm currently stuck on an error which doesn't allow me to Progress and create the Base App.
There is the Page 5731 "product Groups". This page used to have the source table "Product Group". "Used to", because when trying to make the AL object compilable in VS Code I get the following error:
"Table 'Product Group' is removed. Reason: Product Groups became first Level Children of Item Categories"

Now I do have an AL object for table 5723 "Product Group" (from the Text2AL conversion) but that is being ignoried in favour of above error.
I've got the "AL Object Designer" Extension in VS Code and a separated BC15 Cronus Database. This shows me that the above mentioned table is still there as a "Base Application" object but apparently not in use. The page is also shown to me, but only as a plane "Application" an not as "Base Application" object (an neitehr as "System Application" object) which cannot be obened by the designer.

Is there another way to take a look at the "Product Group" page BC 15 version? And would that even make a difference? Or should I just tell our customer that it's impossible to make the technichal upgrade like this and they should do a full upgrade?
Thanks for any help and have a nice weekend all!

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